We treat every customer like our only customer.

The customer comes first: It’s not just a catchphrase for us. It’s been our unwavering principle for a century. We’ve always understood that our success derives from the values of trust, reliability and dependability. More than a supplier, North American is your steadfast partner.

For more than 100 years we’ve been partnering with customers in the facilities, industrial packaging and marketing operations industries to provide customized solutions that deliver streamlined processes, reduced costs and peace-of-mind.

It all started with paper hat bags... And that’s how the story began.

The story of a man named Hymen Miller who left his corporate position in 1919 to start his own business. A business that began with one product and has grown to more than 100,000 products.     

This story spans four generations, three divisions and highlights the innovation and collaboration of thousands of associates, customers and suppliers.

100 people were interviewed, thousands of pictures sourced and nearly 600 hours were invested in creating the North American 100th Anniversary story.

We hope you enjoy!

We can help you make a difference.

Every business has its goals and priorities. Let’s talk about yours. We offer the know-how, resources and commitment to help make your facilities and operations cleaner, safer and healthier. More efficient, sustainable and profitable. No matter how big the task, we’re up for it.

Build relationships that make a difference

Join the North American Family.

We’re always looking for bright, energetic people who want to make a difference for their customers, for their colleagues, and in their own lives. Is that you? See our list of open positions, and be sure to check back often for more opportunities as they arise.

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